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 Celebrating The Prosperity Administration In Bayelsa Under Diri Douye

Celebrating The Prosperity Administration In Bayelsa Under Diri Douye


How time flies. Monday tomorrow will be two smart years of Senator Diri Douye as executive governor of Bayelsa State. The new government was sworn in on Friday 14th February,2020. The people of Bayelsa are not waiting for the government to announce any celebration, but are rolling out drums themselves to celebrate what they refer to as ,” the prosperity government’.

This is not to say successive governments have not done well, but they are celebrating the increasing testimonies that followed the miracle of 14th February. A lot has been physically achieved within the period of just two years and that calls for rejoicing and celebrations. That is why today, many Nigerians are seeing the governor as a ranking governor even though he is just 2 years in office.

Being a valentine day, the government of Senator Diri is also rightly referred to as the government of love which is demonstrated in the way he speaks. He acts love, unity and reconciliation. The coincidence of the day with valentine, which is globally known as a day of love, is historically and divinely prophetic.

What is expected of leadership anywhere anytime, is humility, compassion, courage, transparency, confidence, good public relationship, godliness and hope. All these, the governor has demonstrated and brought to bear on the governance of the state in good proportion. His sheer will determination and doggedness to make a difference, is bringing the desired result. Strong- hearted leaders succeed because of the strength of hope they have in the things they do or plan to do for the benefit of the people and society.

The story of Governor Diri Douye of Bayelsa Sate is a sweet story of divine destiny and obedience to divine calling. While God has destined him to be governor, he himself was prepared to harken to this divine calling by keeping himself ready and  within tract so as to please God and serve the people.  The unity posture and heartbeat of the governor vibrates across and the effect is the diffusion of tension in the state immediately he took over. Ordinarily, the Bayelsa polity could have been restive and full of tension as a result of the circumstances, but his sensitivity to the sensitivity of the people quickly doused the tension. Today, he is being applauded by political players across the country and across party lines as a man who understands politics.

Slogans are meant to inspire, energize, stimulate and give direction. When a politician says his government is that of “reengineering or change”, the application or manifestation must be seen in same direction. Therefore ,pronouncing prosperity on the administration of the state by His Excellency was a  prophetic word that has created huge effects in the administration of the state. Because the man who spoke the word knows its meaning and understands its benefits, things are working well in the state in the direction of the leader’s prophecy. Great leaders sleeplessly, prayerfully  and sacrificially pursue their objectives to their logical conclusion.

Since his assumption of office on February, 14th,2020, the veteran parliamentarian has not left anybody in doubt of his understanding of governance and ability to lead. As a former commissioner in the state, Diri is not new to executive governance and as a federal legislator of high standing, he knows how to effectively marry the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances. Its not an easy task to be a governor at a time he took over and only a courageous and honest man with deep reference to God, can walk the talk of bringing people together under a single vision. He reconciled the various stakeholders across party and ethnic affiliations.

As a member of the House of Representatives(2015-2019) and Senator of the federal republic(2019-2020), Diri’s records of legislative vibrancy, skills and dexterity abounds. He single handedly reversed some decisions of the house by his diligent scrutiny and review of resolutions on the floor. Each time he raised his hand to speak, the presiding officers( Dogara and Lasun) knew a new idea was coming on board or the attention of the house was been brought to an issue.

The political history of the governance of  oil rich state of Bayelsa is that of destiny coming to pass and the will of God taking precedence. The new government in Bayelsa state headed by Senator Diri Douye is a government of destiny in Bayelsa State. This is not because he is the first governor of the state, but his emergence is clearly seen as what God has destined for the people of the Niger Delta state. When God is involved in something, there are no controversies at all. Because God has destined in Douye to be the governor, He has equally prepared him for the job.

For some of us who have reasonable knowledge of the environment and topography of Bayelsa State,we must commend His Excellency for the achievements recorded. His two year( 24 months)performance is more than the 7 years of most governors in Nigeria. Among the many feats recorded under his administration are: the completion of the ambitious Bayelsa International Airport which was started by his predecessor, Senator Seriake Dickson, the opening of classic road network with the soon to be commissioned Igbedi road network, the ongoing reconstruction of  the collapsed Elebele bridge, Igbogene-AIT Elebele outer ring road, Nembe unity bridge, Nembe-Ogbolomabiri- Bassambiri,new Yenagoe city road from Onopa,etc.

The Sagbama- Ekeremor and Yenagoe- Oporoma road projects inherited from past administrations will soon be completed. The governor has expressed strong political will to complete the Nembe-Brass federal road project too. As a journalist, I cannot but mention the facelift to the state-owned media Radio, Niger Delta Television and Bayelsa newspaper corporation which is aimed at providing mass communication to the people. Is it in the area of sports, health,Education,skill acquisition, human development, the prosperity administration has made alot of positive marks. With the present level of commitment to human and physical development, melting point is of the highest optimism that the remaining 2 years of the governor’s tenure and the next 4 years of his second term will consolidate on the wholesome prosperity of the state of Bayelsa.

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