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 Five Things You Should Not Include In Your Resume

Five Things You Should Not Include In Your Resume


Your resume says a lot about you as a job seeker, therefore, while seeking for any form of employment, the recruiters are more concerned about the information provided on your resume and they need it to be as brief as possible. There are some information that are not meant to be in your resume and these are listed below.

Unless you are asked by recruiters to attach your pictures to your resume, it is important that you do not send your pictures to the recruiters. They are after what you can offer the company, your experiences and abilities, not after your beauty. It seems more like you are trying to buy your way into the job, so as much as possible, avoid attaching your pictures to your resume.

Nothing screams carelessness and irresponsibility as much as grammatical errors and misspellings. Take your time to go through your resume so as to ensure it is well written and error free. When a resume is perfectly written, it gives the recruiter zero stress. Also, there are some applications that recruiters use in screening resumes and when the resume is filled with error, it is easy for the applications to ignore these resumes.

Irrelevant experiences
Unless you are just starting your career, it is essential that you remove all irrelevant experiences from your resume. All experiences that do not fit into the job you are applying for should be removed, the internships, 3 months jobs that add no value or are not in line with your career path should be totally removed from the resume. Go straight to the point, list those jobs that are of relevance to the job you are applying for. This puts you in a better position with your recruiter.

Please, never lie about yourself or where you have worked on your resume. It is totally easy to detect these lies and these can land you in more troubles than you can imagine or even make you unemployable. Whatever the situation might be, put only your truth in your resume. You can explain better to your recruiters when they ask you questions.

Unless your hobbies are of relevance to what you are applying for, do not add it. No employer wants to know if you know how to sing or dance unless you are applying for the post of a dancer or singer. It is essential that you avoid unnecessary information that will make your resume unnecessarily bulky.

Are there other information that you know should not be included in a resume, you can drop them in the comment section.

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