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Governor Diri canvasses Higher Derivation, says 13% not enough to Develop Bayelsa


Bayelsa State Governor, Douye Diri, has again, canvassed higher derivation for oil-bearing states, lamenting that lack of resources was his major challenge in developing the state.

Diri, who stated this, yesterday, at The Lord’s Chosen Church programme in Lagos titled: “And The Enemies Submitted,” acknowledged that the state was blessed with abundant natural resources, but the resources were not used for the benefit of its people.

He said the resources were taken to Abuja to be shared in the name of federal allocation, adding: “And then, out of 100 percent of Bayelsa resources, only 13 per cent comes in the name of derivation. And that is grossly inadequate for us to develop the state.

“If you ask me the challenges we have in Bayelsa State, it is basically that of revenue. If half of Bayelsa’s revenue is ploughed back to the state, this administration will change Bayelsa for the better.”

While promising to work for the people of Bayelsa State, Diri said: “The important things I want to achieve in Bayelsa State will be pursued with the understanding that God has put me there to work for the state.

“God put me there divinely and that is the difference between me and other governors. I am divinely made governor and I will do no other thing than serve the people.”

Testifying how God upturned last year’s election in his favour, Diri commended the Church for its prayers for him, saying: “For me, every January 6, I will be at the Mgbidi Crusade in Imo State and I have adopted the General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Church as my father in the Lord.”

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