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 Governor Douye Diri Advocates for Institutional Strengthening and Electoral Reform in Nigeria

Governor Douye Diri Advocates for Institutional Strengthening and Electoral Reform in Nigeria

Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri has underscored the necessity of fortifying Nigeria’s institutions, with a special focus on the country’s electoral system. The call for institutional strengthening was made during his speech at the Lord’s Chosen Revival Movement crusade in Lagos, where he spotlighted the critical role of system reforms in enhancing Nigeria’s development trajectory.

Identifying the establishment of faulty institutions as a significant roadblock to Nigeria’s progress, Governor Diri emphasized the urgency of system reforms. He delineated that the lack of robust, well-functioning institutions hinders the nation’s ability to deliver efficient services, promote sustainable development and maintain democratic principles.

Electoral Amendments for a Stronger Democracy

Specifically, the governor spotlighted the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) as requiring significant improvements. Diri suggested that the enhancement of electoral conduct is crucial for the democratic process, ensuring that the most deserving candidates are elected into office. He argued that a reformed INEC could be a powerful driver of a more transparent, accountable, and effective political process in Nigeria.

Beyond institutional reforms, Diri emphasized the importance of individual character in politics. He voiced that the active participation of individuals with strong moral integrity could lead to more positive outcomes in the political landscape. The governor, soon to commence his second term in office, also encouraged Christians to engage in politics as a means of purifying the system, suggesting that their involvement could infuse the political arena with a necessary dose of ethical conduct and moral values.

Wrapping up his speech, Diri expressed gratitude for his electoral victory and underscored the need for trust in divine guidance during challenging times. The Lord’s Chosen Revival Movement crusade, themed ‘What God has Determined Shall Be Done,’ is set to culminate in a thanksgiving service at the church’s headquarters in Ijesha, Lagos.(DNN BREAKING)

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