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 Kanu, Igboho not Nigeria’s problem, Ozobo, N’Delta activist tells Buhari

Kanu, Igboho not Nigeria’s problem, Ozobo, N’Delta activist tells Buhari


ASABA- NIGER-DELTA activist, Mr. Austin Ozobo, on Sunday, counseled President Muhammadu Buhari to stop going for easy targets, saying peaceful agitators like the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, Yoruba Nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, and others were not the problem of the country.

Ozobo, who is the national president of Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative, IPDI, in a statement, asserted: “Mr. President must stop going for soft targets. Peaceful agitators like Nnamdi Kanu, Sunday Igboho, and others are not Nigeria’s problem. Our problem is the long pampering of the dreaded Islamic killers, the Boko Haram, ISWAP, herdsmen, Miyetti Allah, banditry, sectional politics, corruption, ethnicity, among others.”

“I watch with utter dismay the arrest of the peaceful Biafra agitator, Nnamdi Kanu in Kenyan, his unlawful extradition and the invasion of the resident of the Yoruba nation agitator, Sunday Igboho, then, I begin to wonder the desperation of President Buhari to silence the Southern region for the domination of  Northern Nigeria.

“In the shock and hallucination, I ask myself if President Buhari was this powerful, why the daily attacks and continued reign of Boko Haram and ISWAP, kidnapping of school children and unlawful killings in the northern part of the country? These numerous questions are begging for an answer.

“I found out that Nigeria has missed the radar and except the country retraces its steps, it will burst into flame in the air in a short while, especially if there is no moderation to this drama of sentimental invasions.

“I am seriously worried at the level of attacks by government forces on peaceful protesters and agitators of the southwest, southeast and south-south regions in the country.

“Mr. President, you may agree with me that many Nigerians have lost confidence in you due to selective appointments, selective handling of security issues, perpetual abuse of citizens’ rights and poor management of the country’s economy, among others.

“The above critical issues have made me consider your government to be nepotistic and sectional in governance, and this by implication, aiding Boko Haram, ISWAP, herdsmen and banditry attacks on other religions, regions, and law-abiding citizens in Southern Nigeria.

“Your manner of governance has proved to Nigerians that you have a soft spot for Islamic militants who have killed over a million soldiers and millions of law-abiding citizens of this country’ being same religion with them.

“It is also observed that Mr. President is happy the way  Islamic militants were being used to intimidate peaceful Nigerians, especially in the South, Middle Belt, and non -Muslims across the country.

“I want to state unequivocally that your activities do not show any longer that you are a Nigerian president, you are now beclouding yourself with Islamic agenda than your official duty as a president.

“Nigerians are now extremely disappointed in you. You are using the military to be subduing southern Nigeria and Middle Belt. You are happy seeing Islamic Jihadists been used to attack southern Nigeria for the interest of Fulani and Northern hegemony. So what type of president are you?

“Besides, you brought your Fulani soldiers to enjoy oil money and become oil contractors in the South but you deploy sons and daughters of southern Nigeria to suffer in the desert and be killed by orchestrated Islamic militants, it is truly shameful.

“However, look at Nigeria security today, almost all the army commanding officers in country’s barracks are Fulani Muslims, almost all Nigerian Police Commissioners and Assistant Inspector Generals of Police are Fulani Muslims, equally Navy, Airforce, Immigration, and Civil Defence Corps. Go to NNPC, Shell, Agip, Chevron, etc, you will be surprised that Fulani has taken over all managerial positions. The same thing happens in Niger Delta Amnesty Office, NDDC, NIMASA, and Local content.

“Again, you have systematically moved all armory from military barracks in the South and stocked them in Northern Barracks, the idea is that if war breaks out in the country, the North will have enough armory to kill and conquer the territories of the South. And make Nigeria a Fulani/ Islamic state to take over control and rulership in this country.

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