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 OML 11: Ogoni People threaten to ground Oil Exploration

OML 11: Ogoni People threaten to ground Oil Exploration


The Ogoni Peoples Assembly has cried out over what it described as an existential threat facing it, threatening to ground oil exploration in the region if its demand for the empowerment of local contractors is left unattended.

The assembly which is an amalgam of all groups in the area specifically asked that the operation of the Oil Mining Lease OML 11 be given to someone from the community said the federal government has no reason to do the contrary having done the same for Kula and Belema with OML 55 and 25.

“The Ogoni people no longer have good water to drink. We can no longer fish. We cannot continue to use our meagre resources to transport ourselves to Abuja to address press conferences. The next time we are going to revisit this issue, we are going to come out forcefully in a way that the attention of the world will be drawn to our plight. We won’t allow any other company except that of our own son to come to Ogoni land because it is only our own that understands the terrain and the people”, the group declared.

Addressing a news conference Monday in Abuja, Leader of the Ogoni Peoples Assembly, Probel Williams said only a local company would understand the plight of the people and do right by them.

He said; “It will be recalled that on January 4, 1993, Ogoni people started a campaign against Shell Petroleum Development Company the then operators of the OML11 for the total destruction of our environment, neglect of the people, and the refusal to address the economic needs of the people by way of industrial development and employment.

“Ogoni people have not been, and are still not opposed to oil exploration but shall never allow further exploration on the terms and modus operandi of Shell PDC.

“The Ogoni People’s Assembly is a coalition of Ogoni People drawn from all strata of society youths, academia, elders and Chiefs who are seeking partnership with any company that can take fiduciary responsibility to address the current challenges facing the Ogoni people.

“The Ogoni nationality in the Federal Republic of Nigeria today is facing serious existential threats resulting from Extreme Youth unemployment [80%] and the security challenges arising thereof.

-The total collapse of the school system and the fall of educational standards in the land for example, out of 10 secondary schools in Khana Local Government Area, only one is open as we speak.

“The dearth of industrial infrastructure in the land despite the abundance of oil/gas resources. -And indeed the threat of extinction of the Ogoni race if nothing is done.

“We are of the view that much as it is the responsibility of government to address the above situations, it is our own responsibility to assist the government by supporting the utilization of the resources in our land for the desired goal.

“The Ogoni oil fields have been abandoned for 26 years due to the intractable fight against the modus operandi of the IOCs particularly SPDC. We have been looking forward to a day we can find a Nigerian company that understand our plight and can work with Ogoni people. And we believe we have found such in XAVON ENERGY.

“This is our mission and we pray the Federal government to consider our request to allow XAVON ENERGY the operatorship of OML 11 and break this 26-year-old impasse peacefully”.

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