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Further to the notice given two weeks ago by the Chairman Electoral Committee, the Ijaw National Congress (INC) Election is scheduled to hold at Yenagoa, Bayelsa State at the Ijaw National Secretariat (ljaw House) on the 8th of June, 2019.  Below are the offices to be contested for and the guidelines:

Zone A.(Western Zone) President, Vice President 3, Assistant Secretary, Publicity Secretary and Auditor.

(2) Eastern Zone- Vice President one, Treasurer, Organizing Secretary, Women Affairs Secretary

(3) Central Zone- Vice President 2, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Legal Adviser and Welfare Secretary

ELIGIBILITY AND GUIDELINES In accordance with Article 19 of the INC Constitution, the prescribed qualification for candidates seeking election into the National Executive Council of Congress are as follows:

(i).   He\She must have been a participating member of Congress for at least twelve (12) Calendar months before election.

(ii). He\She must be sponsored by the Zone or Chapter where he\she is a registered member

(iii) He\She must have attained at least 45 years of age for the office of President and Vice Presidents and at least 40 years of age for other offices.

(iv) He\She must be presented for election by at least thirty (30) members from each Zone

(v)   He\She must have had Senior Secondary School. Certificate or its equivalent.

(vi) He\She has not been officially adjudged to be bankrupt.

(vii) He\She has not been convicted for an offence involving dishonesty by a court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria or abroad.

(viii) He\She has not been removed from office by the National Convention.

(ix) He\She is not insane.

(x)   He\She must fulfill all other requirements laid down by the National Electoral Committee of Congress



1 Election Notice 16/5/19
2 Collection and Return of Expression of interest/Nomination Forms 20th — 30th of May 2019
3 Submission of lists of Delegates by Zones of Congress at INC Secretariat, Ijaw House, Sani Abacha Express Way, Yenagoa 20th — 30th of May 2019
4 Preparation of Delegates List by The Electoral Committee(ELECO) 31ST May 2019
5 Screening of Candidates 1st  -2nd June 2019
6 Publication of Delegates List of Cleared Candidates 2nd June, 2019
7 Publication of list of Cleared Candidates 3rd June, 2019
8 Verification of Delegates List by the Electoral Committee (ELECO)/submission of names of polling Agents by Candidates 3rd June, 2019
9 Campaign by Successfully screened and qualified Candidates 3rd June, 2019
10 Objections if any/ Presentation of Manifesto 4th June 2019
11 Publication of Final list of Cleared Candidates/ Delegates 5th June 2019
12 Election of the National Exco of Ijaw National Congress (INC) 8th June 2019
13 Inauguration of the National Exco of Ijaw National Congress(INC.) 10th June, 2019



Available at the National Secretariat of Ijaw National Congress (Ijaw House) Sani Abacha Express Way, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State

Rear Admiral W.G. Yanga (Rtd)

Chairman Electoral Committee

Ijaw National Congress

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