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 Welcome to the Ijaw Nation Forum (INF) Website

Welcome to the Ijaw Nation Forum (INF) Website

You are among the first set of visitors to the Ijaw Nation Forum (INF) website. This is a platform for Ijaws to exchange ideas and discuss issues of common interest to the Niger Delta Region and Ijaw People in particular. It is hoped that transitioning to this website from the e-mail list-service will take members to a new level of experience in fostering collaboration amongst us and enhancing the Ijaw Culture.  As you navigate the website and participate in the conversations, you will discover that the site presents a learning opportunity for members.  It is not just informational.

Participation in the conversations on the site require demonstration of a high sense of responsibility. Please spare a few minutes to review the Site Policies at the bottom of this page.

The Public Section can be accessed by the general public to view or comment on featured articles or posts.  The Members-Only Section is for Ijaws only and registration is required to participate in the debates and to access resources within the section. Post(s) intended for Ijaws only must be appropriately categorized to ensure delivery to the “Members-Only Section”.  Feel free to seek clarification from the moderator, if you are in doubt. All existing and potential INF members are expected to register by clicking on “Member Access” at the top right-hand corner of the Home Page.

Please note that this website is still under development and will undergo continuous improvement with your active participation in the blogs.  Feel free to respond or comment on this post.

Thank you very much and do have a fantastic time in the remainder of 2019 and beyond!

Ben Amaebi Okoro


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