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Africans’ sensitivity of personal belief systems !

We all seem to agree that our individual belief systems are sensitive and personal. We however want to propagate these beliefs in open fora, perhaps in the subconscious yearning for support. This takes the form of unsolicited evangelism. We also sometimes denigrate other systems as if ours is not only the best but only path to universal wisdom and salvation. We also ironically do not wish for any debate on such postings especially if the views expressed by recipients happen to criticize our perspective.

Well, if our belief system is that sensitive and personal as we claim, it stands to reason that we should really keep them private just as we would not post our bedroom activities in public platforms especially professional ones.

A good example is the trending sex scandals of the catholic church. For well over 50 years, idol worshiping catholic priests had been violating the bodies of their adherents. While most of the European world is heavy on its criticism, Africans at worst try to couch their reaction in diplomacy.

The passion with which Africans embrace and take possession of foreign belief systems is cause for concern because we tend to be most times overzealous and get sucked into intricate propaganda by those who wish them no good. This seems to be responsible for the seemingly backwardness in mind developmental en-devours which in turn impacts on the physical.

Perhaps it is time Africans discussed objectively and openly, everything and all things that are likely to affect their wellbeing !…………………………..PP


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