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 Amnesty: IPDI writes Dokubo, demands an end to beneficiaries stipend diversion

Amnesty: IPDI writes Dokubo, demands an end to beneficiaries stipend diversion


Ijaw Peoples Development Initiative IPDI has called on the coordinator of Presidential amnesty programme Prof. Charles Dokubo to take decisive action by putting an end to alleged manipulations and diversions of fund meant for beneficiaries of the amnesty programme.

The group through a letter dated 2nd August, 2019 signed by comrade Ozobo Austin, its National president demanded that those involved in the shady deals be singled out and prosecuted accordingly.

IPDI noted that the alleged diversion and misappropriation of amnesty stipend in connivance with some amnesty camp leaders to the detriment of the real amnesty beneficiaries is a crime against humanity that must be stopped.

The latter reads “we write to draw your attention to unsavoury manipulation and diversion of stipends of original beneficiaries of the amnesty programme by some ex_militant leaders, their secretaries and representatives in the amnesty office”

“We wish to appreciate you for your quick response on our earlier call to rectify some beneficiaries which accounts were manipulated by their camp leader in Edo state”

“We have been inundated with calls and text messages from some large number of amnesty beneficiaries which names are in the biometric system but their money is been diverted to some private accounts”

“It may interest you to know that Otutufugha Mark Waibode which First bank acc/No is 3093179921 (UN code C03/B10/E4/13594) legitimately took part in the amnesty programme from Iroko camp but you refused to pay him despite his name is in your biometric system”

“In the same vein, Ipiteukumoh Eyenmiyenkumo Godday which UN code C04/B05/55/B3394, UBA account No. 2059541538 from Gen. Frankline Duduku ,Bakasi Freedom Fighters camp is till affected. His stipend was stopped and diverted in 2014 through the amnesty office.

Sadly one Thompson Bonge which UN code is C05/B06/Y3/B5711 and First Bank Account number is 3093050691 from Iroko camp was affected. His payment was stop and diverted in 2010 by unknown persons”

“Others affected are Gbanana Yinzuo which UBA acc/No. is 2089255117 ( UN code C01/B11/A1/14045), Ekabokumor John, C05/B06/Y4/B57272 , Keystone account is 6023913677 , Peter Luke , UN code, C05/B06/Y3/B5713, UBA acc. 2056912872 and other 150 persons from Gen.Tompolo camp not paid, an injustice made against Tompolo camp by the amnesty office. The affected beneficiaries attended all the demobilization and reintegration programmes, and were enlisted into the presidential amnesty programme but uptill now their accounts are been manipulated and stipends diverted”

“We may agree with you that most abnormalities happened in the time of your pedecessors, hence we are drawing your attention to it”

“We have resolved to send official petition to General , (High Chief), GOC Government Oweizide Ekpemupolo, aka, Tompolo, to draw his attention to this manipulation some gullible people in conjunction with the amnesty office are doing against amnesty beneficiaries from his camps ,as he is not aware of it, If this issue is not address within reasonable time”

“We have been clamouring for a coordinator of the programme that would selflessly distance himself from corrupt practices in the amnesty office, and overhaul and correct every manipulations ongoing or orchestrated in the past.

We thought your appointment would end diversion and manipulation of amnesty beneficiaries stipends, considering your pedigree and academic track records as a professor. But much is left undone. We see the old practices been sustained and the needed improvement is not seen. You need to put more reforms into the programme if truely you are the messiah we clamoured for”

“The affected persons have made several efforts to draw your attention but to no avail. We are discomforted over what the amnesty office is turning to, conniving with some people to shortchange and manipulates duely enlisted ex_agitators of poor backgrounds. It is sad and disgusting”

“It is so sad that the amnesty office could condescend so low to be manipulated for kickbacks in contract awards and payment of stipends of the amnesty beneficiaries. Surprising ,such manipulations are still visible in your regime as the coordinator of the amnesty programme”

“In the light of the above, we demand that the affected accounts which names are in the system be rectified and paid without further delay to avoid further unfriendly actions. We equally demand that those faces behind the manipulation of stipends of the affected beneficiaries be unmasked and be treated as criminals in immediate effect”

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