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 CDY Describes Delta N52m Microphone Story as Fake News

CDY Describes Delta N52m Microphone Story as Fake News


A pressure group, the Core Delta Youth, CDY, has said a report by an online platform highlighting the purchase of “microphones” installed for use at the Delta State government house is fake news.
CDY coordinator, Mr. Uyero Erarawewho, described the news report as “infantile and uninformed”, noting that it was a mere campaign of calumny against the Permanent Secretary, Government House and Protocol, Mr. Edwin Ogidi-Gbegbaje, as it had no credible content and did not show the reporter to have the basic knowledge of what he was reporting.
The CDY observed that the reporter did not know the difference between microphones and a conference hall multi-channel public communication system.

“A microphone is a small component of a PA system,” CDY noted. “For the reporter to claim that ‘N52,662,300 million was expended to acquire mere “microphone”‘ is unpardonable ignorance and criminal mischief.
“The memo that was approved for the purchase was not for microphones but for the installation of a state-of-the-art multi-channel conference hall communication system.
“Moreover, Mr. Eddy Ogidi-Gbegbaje is a civil servant, albeit a Permanent Secretary, who has no power to spend money without approval by a higher authority.
“It is obvious that the reporter or the group behind him is working with a leaker of documents in government, but the reporter can do better for himself by understanding documents handed to him and further understanding the technology being acquired,” CDY wrote in their response.
“The state-of-the-art Dicentis wireless (BOSCH) conference system is a robust communication system used all over the world for top-level conferencing and does not sell for the prices of ‘microphones’ conjured by the reporter,” Core Delta Youth leader concluded.

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