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 Environmental rights groups say saboteurs behind Nembe oil spill

Environmental rights groups say saboteurs behind Nembe oil spill


Concerned environmental rights groups and ethnic youth leaders, have welcomed the findings of the joint investigation visit which attributed that the recent oil spill witnessed in Nembe, Bayelsa State, was as a result of human sabotage.
The groups, which include Friends of the Environment, Nigerian Ethnic Youth Leaders Council (NEYLC),  the Niger Delta Youth Movement (NDYM) and African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR), made their positions known in their separate reactions to the findings.
They described the report that human sabotage caused the spill as a truth based on science and facts that must be applauded by all stakeholders.
They agreed that the findings should be used to get the culprits and avert future occurrences.
The groups, in applauding AITEO which has been vindicated by the findings, said they entertained no fear from the beginning that being a socially responsible company, the spill could not have been caused by AITEO’s negligence.
They said the report which absolved the company of any fault or wrongdoing has further confirmed the saying that if lies travel for 20 years, the truth will catch up with it in one day.
“This is a vindication for AITEO. Findings have shown that the spill, as we have been suspecting from the beginning, was an act of sabotage by enemies of the Federal Government and a plot to undermine President Buhari’s Niger Delta agenda,” a joint statement read.
Arewa Consultative Youth Movement, Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Movement, Oduduwa Youths and Middle Belt Youths, so supported the outcome of the findings.
The Niger Delta Youth Movement (NDYM) regretted that while experts in the industry, with their science-based evidence, believe the spill was a sabotage, the Bayelsa State Government’s agents were using emotion to look for scape goats.
“What the findings have shown is that the Bayelsa State Government had since been playing on the emotion of the people of the area and indeed all stakeholders.
“With this evidence and science-based findings, we hope that the state government will be humble enough to make a public apology based on the wrong position it earlier took on the matter,” the groups said in a statement.
The popular environmental right group, Friends of the Environment, in its separate statement said the issue of the six persons who were arrested at the scene at about 2.30am when the spill happened should not be overlooked by the state government.
It said in a statement” “Six persons were said to have been arrested at the scene at an ungodly hour of about 2.30am. This revelation is very key and should not be overlooked by the state government and all others concerned.”
The Arewa Consultative Youth Movement (ACYM), in a separate statement said the findings have left no one in doubt concerning the cause of the spill.
“Even the man from Ministry of Environment who said he had reservations was convinced when an expert addressed his fears,” ACYM said in a statement.
The African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR), in a statement by its coordinator, Nduka-Edede Chinomso, also said the findings have been proven to be the handwork of saboteurs and enemies of President Buhari’ efforts to drive revenue while preserving the environment
It said: “Evidence from the joint investigation panel confirms earlier information that the spill was an act of national sabotage by enemies of the Buhari regime to sabotage the Federal Government’s revenue drive, destabilise the Niger Delta region and undermine the President’s ongoing peace building efforts in that region.”

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