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 Halt Gas Flaring in Niger Delta Now, Environmentalist Urges Federal Government

Halt Gas Flaring in Niger Delta Now, Environmentalist Urges Federal Government


An Environmentalist and Rights Activist, Mr. Mulade Sheriff has urged the federal government to urgently put a stop to gas flaring in the country, particularly in the Niger Delta region.

He warned of severe consequences of continued gas flaring in the region and demanded that the time has come for the federal government to do something to stop it.

Mulade, who made the call during a visit areas around the Warri River, expressed worry and disappointment on the continued exposure of people to health hazards resulting from gas flaring.

He noted that gas flaring which involves the release of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide (Co2) biochemical smog and their particular matter derivatives such as sulphates and nitrates contributes immensely to climate change, which has serious ecological impacts on the Niger Delta Environment.

Beyond this, he said, it has been scientifically proven that gas flaring causes visibility problems, environmental degradation, harm to public health and gives rise to atmospheric contaminants which acidify and deplete soil nutrients, resulting in low crop yield.

Mulade expressed worries that the high level for gas flaring in the Niger Delta has negative economic and environmental consequences since the process of doing it is simultaneously polluting the air, water and soil in the region.

He said, those living in the region and exposed to the drinking of polluted water or consumption of contaminated food have suffered from unexplainable diseases.

The Niger Delta based Environmentalist warned that, the heavy metals released into the atmosphere are metallic chemical elements which have relatively high density and low concentration of toxic or poisonous substances.

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