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 Lagos deploys use of cameras to combat violation of traffic rules

Lagos deploys use of cameras to combat violation of traffic rules

The Lagos State Government (LASG) in its effort to reduce the violation of traffic regulations and curb traffic menace has launched a technology-based initiative to track, monitor and book traffic offenders through the use of traffic cameras.

the traffic camera which can record both still pictures and videos in real-time will be used by the Lagos State Transport Management Authority to capture details of and track traffic violators, if the offenders are not arrested immediately, they will be notified of their wrongdoing through a text message and will be asked to visit the Vehicle Inspection Service headquarters within seven days to make restitution and avoid series of extreme penalties which includes vehicle confiscation.

The text, as seen by BusinessDay, says “Your vehicle committed a TRAFFIC OFFENCE with Bill no: 1002100025423610252. Visit VIS HQ Ojodu within 7days to avoid impoundment.”

Earlier in 2019, the first batch of the cameras was on a mock trial in selected parts of the metropolis and was being used by some officials of the transport regulatory agencies in the state.

The launch of this initiative is in tandem with the administration’s goal to make Lagos state a smart and digital city with the aggressive adoption of technology.

According to experts, the launch of the technological solution to manage traffic regulations will improve Lagos traffic control, and enhance the efficiency of LASTMA operations in the metropolis that is densely populated by vehicles.

Over time, traffic gridlock has continued to hinder all-round growth and development in the state with data from Danne Institute for Research showing that about eight million people commute in five million cars daily on a 9,204 roads network between the mainland and island, despite the state having the smallest landmass in Nigeria.

The Danne Institute also revealed that the 6.39 million people employed in Lagos spend an average of 2.21 hours in traffic daily losing the equivalent of N1,1180 per hour in wages or N17m daily,

Frederic Oladehinde, Commissioner for Transportation, Lagos State said at a transport and traffic conference organized by BusinessDay and Danne Institute for Research themed “Connectivity and productivity in Lagos megacity”, that in curbing the traffic trouble, the state government will spend 40 percent of its capital expenditure on infrastructure in 2021, and also embark on some reformative steps in transport-related activities, including the deployment of advanced technology to ensure strict compliance with traffic laws.

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