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 Niger Delta youths protest alleged plot to return Dokubo

Niger Delta youths protest alleged plot to return Dokubo


Youths from the Niger Delta region have sent a protest letter to President Muhammadu Buhari following an alleged plot to reinstate the suspended Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP), Prof. Charles Dokubo.

The youths, under the auspices of the Niger Delta Patriotic Youths (NDPY), said instead of planning to return Dokubo back to the Amnesty Office, he should be allowed to face numerous allegations of corrupt practices that marred his administration.

The President of NDPY, Timi West, in a statement on Wednesday said any attempt to bring back the suspended coordinator would destroy the programme.

West claimed that Dokubo showed lack of capacity while at the helm of affairs and lacked the clout to occupy such a sensitive office again.
He commended Buhari for closely monitoring the activities in the region and urged him to stop desperate attempts by some persons around him to return Dokubo.

West asked Buhari to ignore a group of faceless persons threatening to resume hostilities in the region if Dokubo failed to return and promised that the youths would continue to sustain the peace in the Niger Delta.

He said: “We also want to assure President Buhari that we will continue to sustain the peace. We urge the Presidency to discountenance any sponsored threat by some faceless groups to resume hostility in the region. It is an empty threat by paper tigers. This is part of the desperate measures adopted to bring back the suspended amnesty boss.

“There is need to bring someone, who knows the pains and aspirations of the Amnesty beneficiaries on board because as we speak over 10,000 youths, who surrendered their arms and embraced the olive branch are roaming the streets.

”Our belief is that if a person with a background from the trenches like an ex-agitator is appointed the coordinator, he can salvage the programme.

“We demand for the appointment of an ex-militant leader as a new coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Office to carry out the mandate of the amnesty programme such as skill acquisitions, educational training and other empowerment programmes.

”Therefore, we urge the Presidency to discountenance any threat by some faceless groups to resume hostility in the region over the reappointment of Charles Dokubo because it is an empty threat from paper tigers.”

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