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 No To Cattle Colonies, Grazing, Ruga & Land Grabbing —Niger Delta Group

No To Cattle Colonies, Grazing, Ruga & Land Grabbing —Niger Delta Group


By Annkio Briggs

The Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM) rose from our Emergency Meeting in Port Harcourt Rivers State on the 30th of June 2019 and have resolved the following:

1. That the Electorates of the Niger Delta Region and States owes it to themselves to patiently wait until the ongoing court case concerning the February 2019 Presidential Elections before taking a final and critical decisions concerning the APC Federal Government of Nigeria, and as we take note of the so far released Results of the different National and International Organisations accredited by INEC who officially monitored the 2019 Presidential Elections.

2. That the Federal Government of Nigeria, the President Buhari lead APC Government have No Constitutional Rights to:

a. Forcefully under any guise or for any reasons take any piece of Land from any LGA in any of the 36 states that make up Nigeria, in any Region or in any LGA.

b. That the Ethnic Nationalities of all of the 6 Niger Delta States Our State Governments, Senators, Members of House of Representatives, State Houses of Assembly Members, Federal Government, the other 30 states of Nigeria, Africa, UN and the World that NO PIECE OF LAND, or SEA FRONT, CREEKS, SWAMPS, MANGROVES & FORESTS within the Niger Delta Region also referred to as the South South is to be given, leased or sold to NON NIGER DELTANS for the purpose or purposes of Cattle Grazing, Cattle Colonies, Ranching, Farming, Routing, RUGA, etc specially or specifically to any other Ethnic Nationality, Religion or Culture for any reason what so ever or because of any hardship experienced, either such are natural or man made.

c. That the recognized Niger Delta people of the Riverines, Creeks, Swamps, Mangroves and Oceanic are the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES of the Niger Delta region and will not be oppressed into ceding a metre of the mentioned places, as without these Indigenous peoples of the Riverines, Mangroves, Swamps, Creeks, Rivers and Oceanic Communities Nigeria will have no Rights to the Waters, Rivers and Shore lines of the Niger Delta not to speak of the 200 Nautical miles.

3. The incessant verbal attacks, and the threats targeted at the people, Government of Rivers State and Governor Wike of Rivers State, will not threaten Us Christians the Indigenous Owners of what we proudly today refer to as Niger Delta Oil, Gas and Several other Natural resources rich Region (for now in Nigeria) into silence.

4. The latest attacks, threats and insults are obviously indicative of the frustrations been felt by the oppressive gang in Nigeria to forcefully take Over and Control the Natural Resources rich and 100 percent Christian Rivers State of the Niger Delta Region.

That Rivers State Government and People have so far allowed the building of Mosques in our beloved Christian Rivers State and Niger Delta is because we the different Ethnic and Indigenous Nationalities of Rivers State and the Niger Delta region have always been tolerant and accommodating of other Ethnic Nationalities and Religions.

It is foolishness for any Ethnic Nationalities indigenous or non indigenous to Nigeria to assume us to be a weak people by whatever Choice of assessment.

The accommodating and loving teachings of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living GOD is not the teachings of ”DIE THAT YOUR ENEMY MAY LIVE. IT IS A TEACHING THAT WE SHOULD LIVE THAT OUR LIVES WILL GLORIFY THE LIVING GOD.”

5. The NDSDM view the recent and several other attacks on Governor Wike as coming a group, groups and people who are frustrated and viciously angry at the Governor and the people of Rivers State for clearly confirming by our positions, statements and body language that despite the obvious misinformations, in fact deceits by a few sons and daughters of Rivers State and Niger Delta having deceived the Federal Government, their political party, some groups and Ethnic Nationalities in exchange for political power and appointments that Rivers State and Niger Delta is in their hands it is clearly clear that Rivers State and Niger Delta is firmly in the hands of the Ethnic Nationalities and the people of Rivers State and Niger Delta.

The abuses targeted at the person of Gov. Wike and the intelligence of the people of Rivers State by the false assessment of the achievements of Gov Wike’s Government will achieve nothing as the people of Rivers State will not dignify the lies that is the st trade mark of the attackers targeting the Government and people of Rivers State.

Gov Wike have not declared Rivers State A CHRISTIAN STATE, Rivers State have always been and remains a CHRISTIAN STATE. Gov. Wike as the Governor of Rivers State is only stating the obvious truth and fact that Rivers State Is A CHRISTIAN STATE.

And Gov. Wike is Right when he adds that there is no fear or apology in stating that truth.

Not only is Rivers State a Christian State it will remain a Christian State, if there is any doubt in anyone’s mind or any groups thinking or any political cabals mind let us have a REFERENDUM AND A CENSUS to determine that Rivers State and the Niger Delta people are Christians.

That there are Muslims who are not indigenes of Rivers State and Niger Delta have lived in our Communities, LGA, States, and Region and practice their religion freely and unmolested does not mean River State and Niger Delta region is anything other than a Christian State and Region.

If any other Christian state in Nigeria or Niger Delta is too political to state the fact that their State is a CHRISTIAN STATE let there be no doubt that Rivers State people say without fear, favour or apology that Rivers State is a CHRISTIAN STATE, and that Gov. Wike is only stating the very obvious as he knows it not only as the Governor of Rivers State but as a Son of The Christian Rivers State Soil.

6. That Nigeria is ‘facing religious and ethnic crises’ is because a group of people had the audacity, temerity, and impunity to recklessly believe that for some cultural and religious beliefs that Nigeria and the majorly Christian Indigenous people of Nigeria belong to them, and have unguardedly carried on illegal, murderous and unconstitutional acts against Christians, by taking over the political power and control of Nigeria, the control and ownership of their ancestral homelands and of the resources of the Christian Niger Delta people and region.

It is people who are short on intelligence and who are reckless that will continue to fool and delude themselves that the evil and injustice they have carried on against us will continue, that the genocide and pogrom, and land-grabbing will continue.

The NDSDM while not wanting to dignify actors and perpetrators of greed must point out that the

Analogue governors are the ones who refuse to allow children of the poor to use the Almajiri schools built by President Jonathan to acquire knowledge that will take them out of begging, poverty and slavery.

Analogue Governors are the ones who pass laws to oppress the rights of Christians to preach, worship, evangelise or own land to build churches in their states and yet believe they have a higher right to be free to practise their religion, and build Mosques of worship for themselves in Christian states and regions.

7. This is not the last time Nigeria and the world will hear Gov. Wike, Rivers indigenes and Servants of the Living GOD and followers of Jesus Christ, and Students of the Holy Spirit say without fear, or favour that Rivers State is a Christian State.
Niger Delta Region is a CHRISTIAN REGION.

It is not Christian Governors of the Niger Delta Region or Gov. Wike of Rivers State that cooked religious fanaticism and dished it up to Nigeria.

It is not Christians that have brought their non Nigeria fanatical kit and kin from across other African countries to implement RUGA, Cattle Grazing in other people’s land, Land Grabbing, Killings, running wild in Northern Nigeria, South West, South East Raping, Kidnapping, Rapping, Murdering and displacing Christians in their ancestral homelands, planning to set up vigilantes in the homelands of indigenes.

Gov. Wike is a very intelligent Governor, other wise the external plans to take over Rivers State by strangers and immigrants using willing Rivers State fools would have happened.

Because Rivers State is a CHRISTIAN STATE the Living GOD who knows the end from the beginning gave Gov. Wike and Rivers State people the wisdom to know what to do.

Rivers State is a CHRISTIAN STATE, the discussion is not about a Christian majority state, it is about a CHRISTIAN STATE ‘that’s all.’

Gov. Wike has nothing to learn from Governors who want to remain Politically correct.

The only people Gov Wike will learn from are the people who will stand up for their Faith and the Living GOD. We are Christians and we are Proud to be Christians.

The Governors of some Northern States should empower Almajiris by allowing them attend school to get an education. It is the only way they will understand that to strap bombs to your body and blow up people who have not done you any wrong in the name of anything is analogous.

Governor Wike did not declare RIVERS STATE a CHRISTIAN STATE Wike is stating the obvious, RIVERS STATE IS A CHRISTIAN STATE.



As a Christian and the Gov of a CHRISTIAN STATE Wike is expected by the indigenes of the all Christian Rivers State to speak up as a CHRISTIAN and for CHRISTIANITY.



Fear and Terror are not and will not be the Stakeholders in Rivers State, the 1st STAKEHOLDER OF RIVERS STATE IS THE LIVING GOD the 2nd Stakeholders are the Christian INDIGENOUS PEOPLES of Rivers State, Friends of Rivers State, Lovers of Liberty, Equity and Justice, and Investors in Truth, Security, Resources and Human Development, and the Future.

8. The NDSDM know that no person or persons, no Country, no investors, no Governor or President can love Rivers State and the Niger Delta region and people more than the Indigenous Ethnic Nationalities
of the States of the Niger Delta.

The Governor of Rivers State, Gov. Wike have demonstrated this by his stand with and for the people of Rivers State and his Government.

The NDSDM is aware that no man is an angel or perfect, we are not saying that Gov Wike is a perfect man, what we are saying is that as long as his stand pleases the region and the people and as long as the people of Rivers State are pleased with him, the people of Rivers State will access and decide their fate and the fate of their Governor.. We will compare his administration and that of others before him and decide if he has done better or worst.

We will not judge Gov Wike by the assessment of those who have betrayed us and the strangers that hate us.

The people of Rivers State will not judge Governor Wike and his government based on the assessment of the enemies and oppressors of Rivers State Niger Delta.

The true sons and daughters of Rivers State not the ones foolishly willing to sell their state to strangers will not be blindsided, blackmailed, terrorised, improvised or starved into submission of oppression and oppressors.

The few deceived into working with the enemies will fail along with the oppressors.

Finally, The NDSDM will make our unambiguous position on RUGA, CATTLE COLONIES, THE SHORE LINES and all other Issues affecting our very existence as Indigenous peoples of the Niger Delta Region.

Our positions on all these and future issues about our survival and rights to Self Determination has nothing to do with political affiliations.

Political Parties Will Never be our Priority until the Christian Niger Delta People and Region have our own POLITICAL PARTY.

Niger Delta people are just been used by people who think they are masters of Political Powers in Nigeria.


Niger Delta Self Determination Movement (NDSDM)
By Convener

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