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 Renewvia connects two Solar-Mini Hybrid grids in Bayelsa State

Renewvia connects two Solar-Mini Hybrid grids in Bayelsa State


The people of Akipelai and Oloibiri in Bayelsa State, in southern Nigeria, will now have access to electricity thanks to two hybrid solar mini-grids that have just been installed in these two rural communities by the company Renewvia Energy, which specializes in the installation of off-grid solar systems.

The two plants are equipped with solar panels linked together by inverters, with a capacity of 134.64 kWp. The facilities also have 180 kWh battery storage systems, as well as two 100 kva diesel generator units. Each hybrid solar power plant thus has a capacity of 67.32 kW. “These mini-grids use lithium-ion batteries to provide reliable energy during off-peak hours and are designed to adapt to the increasing demand for electricity from households and communities,” says Renewvia Energy.

Electricity for 364 households

According to the Atlanta, U.S.-based company, mini-solar hybrid grids provide electricity to 364 households. The installation of these installations is part of the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) implemented by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) of Nigeria. To accelerate the implementation of the NEP, the REA has put in place a subsidy programme for suppliers of off-grids and solar kits.

Renewvia Energy thus benefited from a performance-based grant (PBG). This subsidy programme is financed by the World Bank. “The Akipelai and Oloibiri mini-hybrid solar arrays will stimulate the local economy and improve the quality of life in both communities through the electrification of homes, schools and businesses. Through the NEP, reliable electricity will be provided to unserved and underserved households, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), as well as universities and teaching hospitals in Nigeria. The mini-grid component of the project specifically aims to develop a hybrid solar mini-grid to serve 300,000 households and 30,000 MSMEs with clean, safe, affordable and reliable electricity,” says Jon Exel, the World Bank’s energy specialist in Nigeria.

The financing of All On

Renewvia Energy also relied on financing from the investment company All On for the installation of Akipelai and Oloibiri mini-hybrid solar arrays in Bayelsa State. This financing is part of a partnership that has just been signed between the two companies. All On has committed $1.2 million to Renewvia Energy to build and operate mini-solar hybrid grids throughout the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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