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SHOCKING: Doctor who Performed Surgery on Bayelsa Billionaire, Okoko was Banned in the US – Ijaw Youth Raises Alarm

A renowned Ijaw youth leader and one of the frontline aspirants in the forthcoming Ijaw Youths Council (IYC) elections, Comr. Bodmas kemepadei has called on the Ijaw Nation to investigate the untimely death of business mogul, Keniebi Okoko.

Comr. Kemepadei made the call in a facebook post shared on his profile. He said he has obtained concrete evidence that Dr. Olusola Benedict Oladipo was banned from performing cosmetic surgery under any circumstance in the United States of America in 2016.

The youth leader alleged that the late Bayelsa-born billionaire, Mr Keniebi Okoko died as a result of quackery. He said the Texas Medical Board in the US banned Dr. Olusola from performing cosmetic surgery on December 15, 2016 but later ran back to Nigeria to continue practising and killing people.

In a meeting held on December 2, 2016, the Texas Medical Board decided that “beginning March 1, 2017, Dr. Olusola is prohibited from performing or administering cosmetic procedures or treatments of any kind on any patient in any setting and is prohibited from performing or administering stem cell procedures or stem cell treatments of any kind to any patient in any setting. The Board found Dr. Olusola performed cosmetic surgery procedures on five patients that were allegedly inappropriate or inappropriately performed, failed to maintain adequate medical records for seven patients, and surrendered his DEA controlled substances certificates in view of his alleged failure to comply with federal requirements pertaining to controlled substances”.

Mr. Kemepadei’s statement reads in full…


“I wish to inform the entire Ijaw Nation that I have received evidences and shocking revelations which proves that the doctor who performed the surgery on our brother, late Mr. Keniebi Okoko, was banned from performing cosmetic surgery under any circumstance in the U.S”

“He is Doctor Olusola Benedict Oladipo”

“After the Texas Medical Board in the US banned him from performing cosmetic surgery, he ran to Nigeria to continue killing people, and unfortunately he has killed our brother”

“I call on our people to raise their voices. Dr. Olusola should be jailed, he should be made to face the consequences of his actions”

“All Ijaw sons, daughters and well wishers, go to your social media handles, and together let’s bring him to book before he takes another life”

“It is also on record that he was suspended in 2013 before he was later banned, rise up”

justiceforkeniebi #all4one #1forall

This story is an extract  from NAIJALIVE TV

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