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 Social Distancing: Covid 19 Etiquette

Social Distancing: Covid 19 Etiquette


In spite of it all, it is still Mother’s Day! Wishing all our Mothers a special happy Mother’s Day today.

This Pandemic is on the uprise and truth be told there is a lot of anxiety and fear in the minds of people. It is a time to love, be loved and keep on loving.

In the midst of all that is happening globally and locally just keep a positive mindset. Yes, we can see that businesses, schools, activities and economic functions are almost grinding to a halt.

We have seen panic buying simply stocking up in preparation for a total lockdown that a number of countries are already experiencing.

Sadly the medical officials are battling this COVID 19 Corona Virus as best they can, given that there is no real proven medical cure. It is one of those viruses that will run its course and act on the individual own immune system.

Today the fear is mounting based on the number of confirmed deaths worldwide, meaning it is so contagious, spreading widely and with drastic consequences.

The World Health Organization has given a number of measures to curb the spread and if adhered to strictly the pandemic will reduce.

Social Distancing is one of the major instructions meaning where and when you see someone coughing or sneezing especially you will need to keep a distance of at least one to two metres as a safety precaution.

There are a number of things to be done to maintain social distancing:

No Hand Shaking

Corona Virus we understand spreads very fast from the hands from touching people surfaces and the face.

This is an activity that is easily taken for granted and must be learned to gradually get out of the habit. In keeping your distance this applies to touch in any form, so no shaking hands.

Greet people as best you can verbally and avoid any form of touching of the body,

Social Events

In very social settings this attracts large crowds of people like weddings, birthday parties, funerals, and networking events.

There has been an urgent need to compulsorily ban these gatherings, first restricted to a minimum or maximum number to now an outright restriction as a major way to enforce people staying away from each other.

Postpone any upcoming social events and keep listening and watching as events unfold to make the right decisions. Put a hold on invites, ask for new developments concerning the event.

Entertainment Social Gatherings

Keeping busy at a time like this is a way to be productive and alleviate fear of having fun with friends and family.

Unfortunately, these types of gatherings from the entertainment sector including cinemas, concerts, pub houses, clubhouses, restaurants, malls, and leisure centres again draw in a large crowd and are at high risk of spreading the virus. All these have been stopped and are used to enforce social distancing

Avoid tight enclosed places that confine you to small areas.

Exercise & Gym Clubs

Exercise is great but is best prone to virus spread due to sweating and close proximity. Many gyms have been closed until further notice.

Do your own exercise in your estate but keep a fine distance between you and others.

Medical Appointments

Many people have regular medical appointments with the dentist, or specialist that has been scheduled weeks ago.

The hospitals in many countries are almost no go area.

The advice given is only when you have the Corona Virus symptoms that you can call a special number or stay home be hydrated and boost your immune system.

If you have an appointment with your dentist it may be a good time to call your doctor and reschedule or keep abreast of any new information they are giving all patients.

Reduced Crowds

There will always be a time when you will find yourself among a crowd of people, either while in a queue at the supermarket, on a plane, on a bus, at the bank you name it. Watch your proximity.

If someone shows signs, as indicated, keep your distance. When conversing with others keep you 1 – 2-metre distance and take all precautions seriously.

Be positive when you are near people avoid acting like it is a plague not to send wrong messages.

Religious place of worship

If you are spiritually inclined you will be dedicated to praying in your place of worship. Many times this attracts huge crowds and a mighty risk for this pandemic.

Resolve to virtual group prayers, streaming online sermons or personal spiritual time with you and or your close family. Devise other clever means to stay connected with your maker and keep being focused.

Virtual Living

This is a call for desperate measures to keep on living regardless of the challenges faced now and beyond.

As a large number of companies are asking employees to work from home this is where virtual communication is used best. Selling and buying online has increased to avoid bodily contact from outside purchases.

Stay Positive

Social distancing can lead to loneliness, isolation, sudden fear, anxiety and lost connection. If you are home alone mentally it can impact your state of mind if for too long. As a family confined to one space it can also have its repercussions. Listen to music.

Play board games

Watch Movies, your favorite series, and your favorite sport  together.

Create new meals and dishes with your kids

Keep your kids productively active by online schooling Do the most desired house Chores, Embark on total spring cleaning,

Do some great gardening, Read or Write a book or some poems

Restructure your business

Devise new strategies for your life and reflect.

Stay blessed, stay focused, stay knowledgeable, stay fit.

It is all well!

Share your experience.

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